VITA Tennis Academy

Content of programs

input tests with analysis and recommendation of the training plan

training (individual, group, fitness, sparingy)

physical tests for introduction

video analysis and coaching (over 2 weeks)

developing training and tournament schedules

regeneration (massage, whirlpool, sauna, swimming pool)

Academic options

summer season 6 courtyard clay, in case of rain 2 courtyard hall carpet

winter season 2 courtyard carpet (will be 4 hard courts)

programs include all the important elements of the training (tennis, fitness, regeneration, consultation, etc.)

we place emphasis on individual approach to players

each player must have a health certificate or go through a doctor's check at his own expense

creating an individual program for TE, ITF, ATP, WTA players

arrive with your coach under special conditions

exit with our Academy coach to the tournament

to participate in tournaments in common

arranging transport on arrival at the academy and back to the airport.

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